Sunday, April 6, 2008

Have you had any sereandipitous meetings lately!!

Hello! I guess I have to get sick to get caught up on blogging..... I have had "achy bones" for 4 days without a fever. I had it all figured out! (You know how we women worry) I must have bone cancer and had the beginnings of my LAST WORDS all figured out!! And of course who my husband would marry!! I think I must have had a low grade fever and just kept going. What's a mother supposed to do?
I know you are wondering how serendipitous fits into this? Have you ever noticed how some big words can be trendy. I had noticed this one in Dr. Dobsons letter and then in the Creation Museum in Ohio. I looove big words! It doesn't show my intelligence but the "lack there of". (I have to make up for it somehow) My grandma was a big word fan so I guess I get it honestly. Several people have asked for the saying that my "great" uncle made up after a long bout of word wars with my grandma. They would try to see who could outsmart the other with the biggest words until he told her one day.... "You insignificant conglomeration, misconstrued protoplasm. You characterized piece of inconvenience and if you think my language is too copious for your dimensions of comprehensions I will try to solicit it more explicitly" To say the least he won the word war and it has been used many times since. If you are upset you will be laughing by the time you are finished!


The amazing aunt:)lol said...

Hope you're feeling better:)

Nancy said...

And where have I heard that before? Seems like the whole family knows it! Hope you are feeling better.

Nancy said...

Be thankful you just had the aches of a fever. After having the chills and all kinds of other great symptoms of illness, I'm hereby VERY thankful to be well again! I hope I'm never so sick again for a long time! Hope you're feeling perfectly splendid....and does this mean I will see you at IHC?